Philadelphia, PA

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Communion Kit Curbside Pickup

Juy 4, 2021 is First Sunday. We will continue to serve the Lord’s Supper on the First Sunday of each month by virtual media until we are safely able to return to the sanctuary. Again, we will have Deacons available at the church (in the parking lot) for curbside pickup of prepackaged communion kits for you and your family on the following days: Saturday July 3, 2021

Please enter the Preston Street parking lot and exit by way of Baring Street. If you know a member who may be unable to pick up their kit(s) and you would like to “safely” drop the kit(s) off to them at their home, it would be greatly appreciated and will also provide them the opportunity to join us as we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

On Sunday January 3, 2021, following the morning service, we will serve the Lord’s Supper. You can join us in worship and praise each Sunday morning at 10:45am on Facebook and or the GFBC Website at 11:00am. The GFBC Website address is:

I am continuing to pray for each of you and I am also missing you!

Always faithful to YOU!!!

Pastor Marcus